Infinity Point

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Engineers digging a water tunnel under Manhattan make a startling discovery: a cave full of bodies burned beyond recognition. Struggling actress Nikole Fink, a Xanax-addicted former child star, becomes convinced that one of the corpses belongs to her estranged mother. Following a trail of clues that takes them across the globe, from the lava fields of Iceland to the desolation of Infinity Point, Nikole and her sister set out on a journey to unravel a long-buried family secret, only to be targeted by the same shadowy forces that orchestrated their mother's demise.


Quirky and lyrical, Infinity Point is a beautifully-written literary thriller full of misadventure and suspense, seedy locales and eccentric characters, including a magician who can make the Moon disappear, an internet troll hunter, cults, secret societies, graverobbers, Hitler impersonators, and a self-described gravity thief who claims the ability to control physics - and kill the past.


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