Adam Hoss spends most of his time growing a beard and then shaving it off again, growing a beard and then shaving it off again, then growing another beard. He is an English teacher, a holder of a semi-useful M.A. in linguistics from the City University of New York, and a lousy writer who isn't sure if he's good at fishing for compliments and wishes someone would tell him. As a linguist, he has worked with the Endangered Language Alliance on the preservation of Zagawha and Masalit languages of Darfur. His humor writing has appeared on Cracked.com. His short fiction has appeared in Workers Write!, Crack the Spine, Epiphany Magazine, 140 fiction, and Larks Fiction Magazine. He currently resides in Fremont, Ohio, with his goldfish, his plants and his regrets. If you would like to read an endless series of cries for attention thinly veiled as self-deprecating humor, you can follow him on Twitter.